Truck Party

Celebrations, Receptions, Parties, Conventions, or you just want to buy everybody lunch.

What ever the occasion we can make it a success for you. All you have to do is call us: (702) 321-3636.

Hire the truck to cater your party. We will come to your event and provide the full menu for your catered event. Let us know how many you are expecting.

{ Catering menu }

Select a menu from below:

  • Classic Burger with fries
  • Barbeque pulled Pork sandwich with fries
  • Hawiian Chicken Burger and fries
  • Veggie Burger made with falfal patty and cucumber sauce with fries
  • Blackened Chicken Caesar salad

$9.95 pp plus tax each selection includes a canned beverage, 50 people and above.

  • Baja Burger with fries
  • Classic Burger with fries
  • Two blackened Fish Tacos and fries
  • Chicken Baja Sandwich with fries
  • Sonaran Dog served with fries

$12.95 pp plus tax, each selection comes with a canned beverage, 50 people and above.

  • Classic Burger with fries
  • All Beef Kosher Hot Dog with fries

$8.95 pp plus tax, served with a canned beverage, minimum of 100.

Choice of:

  • Fajita beef burrito – fajita beef, marinated peppers and onions.
  • Chicken fajita burrito – fajita chicken , marinated peppers and onions.
  • Blackened fish tacos- two blackened magi fish , cabbage, pick de Gallo, salsa blanca, Cojito cheese, corn tortilla.
  • All served with black beans and a beverage

$14.95 pp plus tax, 50 people and above.

Your guest will be able to choose one of the following from the truck menu:
  • Classic burger
  • Hawiian chicken burger
  • Bacon cheddar burger
  • Baja burger
  • Vegetarian burger
  • Sonaran dog
  • All American dog
  • Mahi fish tacos

Each entree comes with a side with a choice of fries, garlic rosemary fries or chips. We also throw in a beverage.

One entree, one side, and one drink for $13.95 per person plus tax.

Add any of the following to make your catering even more special.

Arctic Custard Shakes – $5 pp plus tax.

Appetizers – $5 pp plus tax. Your choice of one item:

  • Boudin Balls with chipotle remoulade
  • Thai chicken lettuce wraps
  • Raspberry chicken pops

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