Is There a Las Vegas Food Truck War?

There is no Las Vegas food truck war that we know of. All of the chefs and operators of food trucks in the Las Vegas valley work well together and support one another. So where is the food truck war? Curbside Cafe’s Doug Porter was interviewed for a News 3 story last night about a dispute a Fremont Street East restaurant is having with a few trucks that park outside the business in the loading zone (see the video below). The story failed to mention Curbside Cafe has never parked in front of the restaurant, nor would it.

The whole issue came to a debate at the City of Las Vegas Planning Commission meeting Tuesday night when the owners of the restaurant complained about losing business and blaming it on food trucks. Now the planning commission is suggesting gourmet food trucks must park at least 1300-feet from a restaurant! This could negatively impact on food truck meetups and events. (So, doesn’t a food truck constitute a restaurant? Wouldn’t that mean no two trucks could park next to each other on the street?)

The owners of the gourmet and specialty food trucks come from diverse backgrounds. Doug Porter used to own a very popular restaurant in Summerlin. He chose Curbside Cafe because it offers an exciting business, he meets lots of good people, and the truck serves many who want an inexpensive gourmet meal fast.

Las Vegas Food trucks meet the same health and safety rules as restaurants and all who work in the industry support other restaurants.

Curbside Cafe serves lunch to call center, government, and other employees who have a short amount of time for lunch. Doug works hard at catering lunches when invited and the positive reviews on Yelp show how much people really like his food. All of the Las Vegas food trucks make up a proud group of friends working hard to serve excellent food to the community.

The new Las Vegas City Hall even has a designated parking space for the food trucks! Sounds like the city council supports the idea of providing good food fast to its employees. Perhaps we need more designated parking spaces and the opportunity to serve up our unique menus and specialty foods.

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